The name says it all: Move to Martinsville. Martinsville has a lot to offer, and you’ve got a lot to offer Martinsville. Our goal is to attract active, middle-class residents to an area we think has everything you need. Do you want to raise a family in a beautiful small-town setting but have easy access to big-city life? Are you a military retiree looking to start a second career? Are you a business owner seeking access to the nation’s fiber-optic network? If so, you should consider Martinsville. We’d like to help you find and make a new life for yourself here, introduce you to the community and make you feel more at home than you’ve ever felt before. Get in touch with us at (website, email, Facebook page, etc.), and we’ll help make it happen.

Move to Martinsville is a Board lead 501 C 3 non-profit organization based in Martinsville, Va, and supports economic growth in the area and surrounding region

We see a vibrant community where its citizens benefit from its economic revitalization and growth, while participating in its diverse quality of life offerings. And, offers an attractive and friendly alternative for people looking to relocate from more costly and congested areas.


Move to Martinsville Promotes area assets within a regional context Advocates for positive economic growth Facilitates communication among community partners